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Turkey Days

November 22, 2012

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. The day is sometimes called, "Turkey Day," because of the principal dinner item. The word, "turkey," is also used to describe a person lacking in scholarship.

Editorial cartoons have been popular in the United States long before Thomas Nast. There are editorial cartoons that date to the time of the American Revolution. Garry Trudeau has published quite a few editorial barbs in his Doonesbury comic strip, the latest of which is an affirmation of climate science.

Having been inspired by Garry, I offer my own remix of a century-old editorial cartoon in the style of its period.

Climate Change Turkeymobile 2012

New Jersey drivers seem to drive this way, as their numerous automobiles contribute to global warming.

I've written quite a few articles critical of the automobile culture of the US. We spend far too much of our wealth on automobiles, their maintenance, fuel, insurance; and a military to ensure our oil imports.

(Source image: A 1907 cartoon, via Wikimedia Commons.)

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