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Tikalon Innovation Service Model

An economically-efficient partnership that builds on individual strengths
  1. Tikalon supplies innovation
  2. Your company secures important patent rights in its product areas

Service Model

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  1. Invention and preliminary prior art search by Tikalon
  2. Tikalon files a provisional US patent application to secure its proprietary rights
  3. Tikalon approaches your company
  4. A non-disclosure agreement is executed
  5. Tikalon details invention
  6. Your company expresses interest
       No - Tikalon markets invention to your competitor(s)
       Yes - Joint initial assessment of invention's worth
  7. Agreement reached on potential financial incentive to Tikalon
       No - Tikalon markets invention to your competitor(s)
       Yes - Your company does a due diligence prior art search
  8. Revised worth agreement based on prior art
  9. Formal agreement executed
       No - Tikalon markets invention to your competitor(s)
       Yes - Agreement specifies payment to Tikalon for assignment of provisional US patent application and assisting with utility patent filing
  10. Tikalon assigns provisional patent to your company and assists your attorney in filing of a US utility patent application
  11. Your company files a US utility patent application and makes payment to Tikalon
  12. Tikalon assists your attorney in prosecution of US patent through to its issuance

Disclaimer: Patents and patent applications are assigned by Tikalon without warranty, either expressed or implied, including any warranty for mechantability or fitness for a particular purpose.