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Still Without Power

November 2, 2012

As I reported in the last article (Off the Grid, October 31, 2012), Hurricane Sandy knocked-out electrical power to most of the people in New Jersey. At this time, 91% of my township is without power, including my own home.

You don't realize how important electricity is to our civilization until you're without it for several days. In my case, our water is from a well and the well pump is not working; so, no running water. Our home heating system is fueled by natural gas, but without the water circulating pump, there's no heat. No television is a minor problem, but Internet on my desktop computer is what I really miss. I'm only able to make these updates because of mobile wireless devices.

The reports are that this power outage may continue for one or two weeks. After that time, I'll be indistinguishable from a caveman.

A cliche version of a Neanderthal caveman

Popular version of a Neanderthal caveman.

Present scholarship indicates that a Neanderthal, transported to the present day, would adapt quite nicely.

(A 1928 sculpture for a former beer garden, via Wikimedia Commons)

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